The Fuel Mart Card
The perfect tool to manage your vehicle fuel costs

Credit Card

When you sign up for the Fuel Mart charge card program you can track specific vehicle and driver information.

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Card Program Features

With the Fuel Mart charge card program, you've got options to capture the data you need. The program provides you with critical vehicle tracking information to help manage your record keeping, business costs, and fuel expenses.

Data Capture Options

  • Driver Signature
  • Driver PIN Number
  • Drivers License Number
  • PO Number
  • Hub Reading
  • Trip Number
  • Reefer Fuel
  • Truck Number
  • Truck Plate Number
  • Trailer Number
  • Trailer Plate Number

Additional Options

  • In-store Cards
    • Keep your company's Fuel Mart card on site so it's always available when your drivers need to fuel up
  • Limit Purchases to Specific Products
    • Fuel and Additives Only
    • Diesel Only
    • Gas Only
    • All Products
    • Other (specified by you)
  • Set up an Online Account
    • View statements and receipts 24/7